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Awesome Jeep Ad

I thought this new Jeep ad was awesome, plus the new Grand Cherokee looks incredible.


From the Archives: 1959 First Ascent of Mt. McKinley’s West Rib (via High Places: The Blog of the American Alpine Club Library)

This is a blog post I wrote over the last 2 weeks at the AAC library. Make sure you check out the pictures on Flickr, they look incredible for being 51 years old (to the day!).


From the Archives: 1959 First Ascent of Mt. McKinley's West Rib "This method of approaching McKinley directly from the south is so continually steep and difficult, and so exposed to the full force of the southwesterly storms that none but the most uniformly experienced and powerful team of climbers should even think of attempting it. But I mention it here in conclusion because to omit it would be to sidestep the greatest remaining pioneer ascent in North America." – Bradford Washburn from Mountain World, 1956 … Read More

via High Places: The Blog of the American Alpine Club Library

Detailed: Ferrari f430

Drummer can’t contain the rock

This drummer  is having his own party

Mt. Neva

About to go camping off the Arapahoe Pass Trail near the 4th of July mine. I hope to wake up tomorrow and check out the north ridge of Mt. Neva, the mountain on the right in the banner up top ^.

I should be back to Boulder around 2pm thursday.



Well, I’m back a bit early. Ended up sleeping in the Jeep, I was way too tired to hike anywhere last night. I did run around the trailhead for a little bit trying to take pictures of the stars. I had little success. Here’s one of the good shots:

Stars with a little light painting on the trees

Woke up around 0430 and was on the trail by 0500. The half hour before and after sunrise is always beautiful, and I managed to take some cool pictures before the sun was even up.

The sun lighting up the top of Jasper

Wildflowers (cinqfoils I think?)

The idea was to head up to Mt. Neva and check out the conditions on the north ridge. I forgot the guidebook in the car, so a climb was out of the question, but I figured I should go check it out anyway. Walking towards Neva, I was facing a stiff wind from the west, a consistent 25 mph. As soon as I got above treeline (about 11,500 feet) the wind stopped. Weird, I thought, so I checked out the weather and put my watch into “storm mode.”

Mt. Neva early morning

As I neared Lake Dorothy, which sits at the base of Neva, the wind picked up again, but was blowing the exact opposite direction. At this point, I’m thinking things are looking a bit sketchy. Sure enough, I turn around to find a storm blowing in fast.

Storms above treeline = no good.

The clouds were moving really quickly, so I put the tripod on my pack and started running towards treeline. Here’s Neva not 15 minutes after that first picture.

Good thing I turned around

As I high-tailed it back to the treeline, I saw some marmots, a rock ptarmigan, and some cool bird I don’t know. Check out the rest of the pictures here.

Third time up to Neva, third time turned away. Next time…


That's me

Sweet Video

This is an incredible video I found randomly. I want to learn to hold my breath this long.

Climbing at The Dome

Trevor came with Chris and I for an early morning climb at The Dome and took some awesome pictures. Just up Boulder Canyon, The Dome has a bunch of easy climbs and it was perfect for a few quick routes before Chris had class at 11.

I uploaded Trev’s pictures, so go check em out here

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