Only works in his spare time

The wading game

Trevor and I have had a rough few days fishing. After unnsuccesful attempts at Grand Lake, and then Brainard/Red Rock Lake, we went down to Rocky Mountain Angler (local fly store, incredible, do go) and asked for help.

Brian told us some great places to check out in Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as a few lakes in the Indian Peaks which are still frozen solid. Last night we went back to Brainard to try out the new flies and see if our timing, right around sunset, would help.

The fish were definitely rising, but I didn’t have the right size fly. The hatch is still tiny, and I was fishing something that kind of looked like what was flying/landing above the water, but was about 3 times too large. The frustrating thing was seeing the fish hit my fly, just to figure out it was indeed fake, and spit it out.

We took the Hero and got some cool video, were hoping to make a fishing epic by the end of the summer. Now we just need to catch something.

That ripple out there is a fish tasting, but not taking, my fly


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