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Mt. Neva

About to go camping off the Arapahoe Pass Trail near the 4th of July mine. I hope to wake up tomorrow and check out the north ridge of Mt. Neva, the mountain on the right in the banner up top ^.

I should be back to Boulder around 2pm thursday.



Well, I’m back a bit early. Ended up sleeping in the Jeep, I was way too tired to hike anywhere last night. I did run around the trailhead for a little bit trying to take pictures of the stars. I had little success. Here’s one of the good shots:

Stars with a little light painting on the trees

Woke up around 0430 and was on the trail by 0500. The half hour before and after sunrise is always beautiful, and I managed to take some cool pictures before the sun was even up.

The sun lighting up the top of Jasper

Wildflowers (cinqfoils I think?)

The idea was to head up to Mt. Neva and check out the conditions on the north ridge. I forgot the guidebook in the car, so a climb was out of the question, but I figured I should go check it out anyway. Walking towards Neva, I was facing a stiff wind from the west, a consistent 25 mph. As soon as I got above treeline (about 11,500 feet) the wind stopped. Weird, I thought, so I checked out the weather and put my watch into “storm mode.”

Mt. Neva early morning

As I neared Lake Dorothy, which sits at the base of Neva, the wind picked up again, but was blowing the exact opposite direction. At this point, I’m thinking things are looking a bit sketchy. Sure enough, I turn around to find a storm blowing in fast.

Storms above treeline = no good.

The clouds were moving really quickly, so I put the tripod on my pack and started running towards treeline. Here’s Neva not 15 minutes after that first picture.

Good thing I turned around

As I high-tailed it back to the treeline, I saw some marmots, a rock ptarmigan, and some cool bird I don’t know. Check out the rest of the pictures here.

Third time up to Neva, third time turned away. Next time…


That's me


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  1. Rae

    Ten cuidado! 🙂

    June 9, 2010 at 20:38

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