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Summer List

I have gone climbing with my friend Chris a few times in the last week, each time to a different spot in Boulder Canyon. In between climbs, he asked if I had any climbing goals for the summer. I didn’t really have any rock climbing routes picked out, but I had a few mountaineering routes and backpacking trips I wanted to complete before school starts. Here’s “the list.”

-Capital Peak (14er)

-Maroon Bells (North and South)

-Pyramid Peak (probably the same trip I do the Bells)

-Mt. Neva’s north ridge COMPLETED

-51 miles in the Grand Canyon, but more on this in another post

-The North Loop: A 23 mile loop through the northern Indian Peaks Wilderness. I’ve done about  8 miles of it and its sure to be a sweet backpack

-During the North Loop (above), I plan to camp at Mirror Lake and climb Lone Eagle peak via Solo Flight (4th class) or the North Face (5.easy) if I can find someone willing to hoof it there. Lone Eagle is an awesome peak, and I’ve wanted to climb it since seeing a perfect picture taken by Colorado photographer Jack Brauer. Check out his site

Lone Eagle Peak seen from Mirror Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness (Photo property of

-Gannett Peak, Wyoming: Wyoming’s tallest peak and a bit more of a backpacking/mountaineering trip. I think its 40 miles car-to-car, so it will be a long trip.

-Mt. Toll with a ski descent, but it might be getting too late already!

That should be enough to keep me busy, until fall at least.



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